Carrots: weight loss and lots of other health benefits

Carrots for your health

We all know or have heard of carrots being good for eyesight, in particular helping maintain good eyesight since it contains nutrients that help promote eye health, like lycopene and lutein. Additionally, carrots are full of antioxidants, aid digestion system, increase metabolism and fat burning, and lower cholesterol. Not bad at all for a vegetable that also tastes so good.

Steamed Carrot Weight Loss

Most nutritionists tend to remind you that carrots are rich in beta-carotene from which your body makes vitamin A which itself helps the body to fight out cancer causing cells and is generally known to fight cancer. A diet high in carotene keeps you healthy, while aiding with digestion and weight control. It also contains silicon (in natural form) which provided the added benefit of keeping your skin vibrant and healthy.

But the most important benefits of carrots which often is ignored or not talked about is the fact that it has lots of fiber. The high fiber content promotes bowel regularity which it reduces overeating and helps with weight control. It also contact a form of calcium that helps lower the LDL (cholesterol levels) – the unhealthy one.

The silicon I mentioned above acts as a skin conditioner and healer and it also helps with healthy nails. If you have poor eyesight at night, carrots will help you improve your night vision since it has lutein and lycopene.

So, now you think you can eat a carrot a day?

A single raw carrot per day can dramatically reduce the risk of cancers, including prostate, intestinal cancer, stomach, and esophagus and even fights off intestinal fungus and parasites, thanks to the essential oils in this vegetable. Organic, fresh, and thoroughly washed is the best way to consume a carrot and don’t throw away the greens in the top as they are edible and rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Eat them in salads, garnish with some avocado dip, or mix with other herbs. You can also juice it for highest concentration of nutrients, but steamed or raw is usually best. Soups made with carrots are great for healing upset stomachs although raw is the best form to get maximum nutrients from it.