Organic Food Weight Loss

In 21st century, things are much more complicated than it use to be, just even 30 years ago. Food use to be produced without synthetic fertilizers but with population growth, new farming methods, global competition, and open boarder markets, production has been affected in a negative way. Additionally, political partisanship has done even more damage whereby farmers and their livelihoods have been used, exploited, and affected by politicians that want to win higher office without considering long-term consequences of short-term policies.

What was organic farming for thousands of years, the real conventional way, has been changed by politicians to be now regarded as “non-conventional” and the new methods of GMO (genetically modified) crop production is labeled as “conventional” as if this the way we have grown food on earth for thousands of years. The U.S. market is exploited so much that only about 3% of soil/farms in U.S. is devoted to organic farming while the rest is assigned to so called “conventional” GMO or synthetic fertilizer grown crops. Further disappointing the organic farmers, is the policy of the government to have organic farmers penalized by having to prove their farm is organic, paying for the certification of organic, and having higher costs of operation.

Organic FarmingEating healthy food on a budget can be a tricky task. As we all know organic and healthy foods cost more than conventional and pesticide ridden foods. However, eating organic food is one of the most important investments that you make in your entire life.

Eating organic and nutritional meals can help you save money by avoiding a wide range of obesity-related diseases that would cost you time and money later in life. Americans on average are exposed to a dozen different pesticides including endocrine disruptors linked to obesity and weight gain.

Keep in mind that eating organic foods can significantly lower your exposure to chemicals and pesticides linked to obesity and weight gain. In fact, a recent research suggests that eating organic foods can help to lower exposure to pesticides by 89%.

Invest in nutrition:

It’s your health and it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. You should invest towards a healthy nutritional diet in order to avoid paying for medications years later in life.

In America large medical bills people cannot afford to pay are the main reason behind most bankruptcies. And you probably haven’t priced cancer lately, if you think paying for organic food is expensive.

Eating a balanced and healthy nutritional meal and exercising on a regular basis are essential to losing weight and optimum health. The answers are always there, they have always been there. The truth is that Nutrition Matters and Matters a lot when it comes to weight loss and improving your health.