Can coffee help you lose weight?

Coffee For weight loss

In a perfect life, something even movies can’t deliver these days, you go to gym every day and stay fit and don’t need any help losing weight. But there is no such thing as a perfect life. We all can lose a few pounds, and some of us even need to lose more.

We all can use some help with this. And now may be we have a little help coming our way. We can do what we normally do, and still lose a few pounds with little to no effort.

Coffee weight loss

A few latest studies have shown that coffee may help you lose a few pounds. These scientific studies indicate that a cup of coffee in the morning (absent of sugar added, no corn syrup sweetener added, and no heavy cream added) can actually help you lose weight.

Researcher have focused on what stimulates the body from retaining fat and working hard to stop the body from losing weight. They found that while some fats reduce metabolism and hence reduce calorie burning, there is another fat that does just the opposite. They call this “brown fat”, is a type of fat that helps the body burn calories. The study suggests that a cup of coffee in the morning helps brown fat to kick in the burning of calories.

The science behind this works as simple as increasing metabolism. Fat stores energy and this energy is stored in the form of calories. Coffee, in moderation, pushes brown fat that has plenty of mitochondria (containing lots of iron) to produce heat or produce energy from calories. This is actually metabolism which burns more calories stored in fat to produce more energy. Higher metabolic rate, reduces fat, and further ignites the cholesterol which is the fat content in your blood and this all result in losing fat.

Now some go even further and suggest that America’s obesity will be kept under control with our favorite drink in the morning and some even suggest that (based on a study in Britain) this thermogenesis (the process where metabolism through brown fat generating heat by burning fat) makes coffee a dieter’s biggest help with least amount of effort.

But as usual, a little bit of information is dangerous since it leads people to make conclusions that are just simply wrong because the premise of the so called “evidence” was grossly exaggerated. Thermogenic properties are often too minimal to help someone who is obese or heavily over weight to benefit from a cup of coffee in the morning resulting in massive weight loss to the delight of the dieter’s expectations. For heavily over weight individuals the brown fat weight loss is somewhat insignificant, resulting only in loss of weight in the level of a few pounds only.

By all means, have a cup of coffee in the morning, without sugar, without sugar additives, and without corn syrup or sweeteners. Ideally, your coffee would have no dairy or heavy cream and if you have to have cream, then maybe you may want to have your coffee with coconut milk.

Also, do remember that coffee has caffeine and try to avoid overdosing on caffeine as this actually makes you dehydrated and this makes your body put on weight by storing more water (especially in the case of women). Exercise remains the best way to relax and lose weight and burn calories. But coffee can help a little.