Here’s 5 quick tips for rapid and safe weight loss

Weightloss Tips

Weightloss Tips

Are you looking for simple ways to lose weight and feel better about yourself? Do you want to reduce your appetite and improve your health significantly? People often take extreme measures to lose weight and they end up being unhappy and starved, which makes them eat more and not be able to lose weight effectively.

When thinking about weight loss, you should consider enzymes, what they are, what they do, and how they can actually help you weight loss goals. Enzymes have been described in many different ways. Some call it the “spark of life”, some call it the “light of liver, shining brightly through your skin”, and yet others simply describe it as the energized protein substances that are necessary for the body to function as it should. All the biochemical activities in the body stem from the digestion of food (extraction of energy source) for stimulation the brain functions so that the body can embark of its central function of operational efficiency.

This central function controlled by brain and the brain functioning from the energy that is extracted using the enzymes in the body takes care of everything else that goes on and tries to create harmony and inter-functional discipline for everything in the body to work with one another. Stimulating the brain, providing cellular energy, and repairing all the tissues, molecular nucleus, and organs is a big task by such small little things. The liver function is one of the most essential conducted in the body by this incredibly important organ that is responsible for filtration and hence protection from toxins and the liver certainly cannot do this for long without the enzymes that promote and help the liver to operate efficiently.

In fact enzymes have very specific function in the body that is unique to itself whereby the task performed by each enzyme in the body is so unique and so specialized that no other can replace it for it has the unique task to trigger and initiate a chemical response only in a certain way to a certain recipient. Hence the body needs to produce a very wide range of enzymes so that it has the ability to control the functions throughout the body through unique production of specific responses to achieve very specific outcomes.

If enzymes assist and promote and help all the functions in the body, then how can it be used for weight loss?

That is a great question. Digestive enzymes break down food particles in the stomach for storage of energy in the liver and in other organs, such as muscles for strength and hydration or other functions. This stored energy is later used by the liver to break down, convert, or store other foods and filtration process by the liver to protect the body from toxins and other harmful chemicals.

Weightloss TipsBy eating raw foods (which require no production of enzymes by the liver nor cause the excessive use and loss of stored enzymes in the liver) you naturally strengthen your body, your liver, and your digestive system. When your body utilized little of the stored enzymes, (as you eat more raw foods), it avoids being overworked and exhausted. Your skin feels better (hence it is shiny and healthy) because your liver is not overworked and spends more of its energy on protecting the biggest organ in the body (the skin), and you look and feel healthier.

Finally, enzymes help with weight loss by reducing the workload of the digestion system, allowing fat to be burned rather than stored, resulting in more energy, less stored fat, and a higher metabolism which again reinforcing the process of burning more fat and producing more energy for the body. Hence why enzymes are an important consideration for weight loss.

Today’s Tip

Metabolic enzymes are enzymes that catalyze the various triggers that cause reactions, in particular, chemical reactions in within the cells. What this means is that metabolic enzymes are responsible for food digestion, energy extraction and production, and detoxification (protecting the body from toxins and making sure that they don’t do much damage, when possible). Since the activities and the various functions of the body are highly dependent on metabolic enzymes, they are essential to your weight loss and body’s functional well-being.